5 Benefits Of Spearmint Oil For Your Hair

Spearmint Oil For Your Hair

The cosmetic industry is thriving with multitudes of hair care products today. The shelves are restocked every week with new products, brands, and ingredients. With the world revolving around naturopathic elements, a new product has hit the trends across the globe – spearmint oil. Some call it groundbreaking, while others think it was an obvious choice staring at us right in the face all these years. 

Spearmint oil is beneficial for your hair. The soothing and calming properties of mint are relatively well-known everywhere. The oil banks on these properties and aids hair growth while simultaneously decreasing hair fall rates. Here are five ways in which spearmint oil is an excellent choice for your hair. But first, let us find out what spearmint oil is.

What is Spearmint oil?

Oils obtained from natural elements are called essential oils. The oils of the peppermint and spearmint plants are created in the same way. Spearmint oil is basically the essence of the plant extracted in the form of an oil. These extraction processes involve complex distillation techniques to create essential oils. 

Spearmint oil contains menthol as its main component. It is also responsible for most of the benefits of spearmint oil. All the signature properties of the spearmint and peppermint plants come from menthol. 

Spearmint oil has become a widely used phenomenon in the world of cosmetics today because of its natural ingredients and organic components. It is beneficial for your hair and skin, but it also has some remarkable medicinal properties. 

Why do people prefer spearmint oil for their hair? 

Spearmint Oil

Here are a few reasons.

Spearmint oil causes hair to grow

The primary argument for spearmint oil is that it promotes hair growth. Studies and peer reviews have concluded that spearmint oil truly increases the rate of your hair growth. Moreover, it also makes the hair thick and soft. In essence, spearmint oil is a good habit. Making it a part of your nighttime routine will be the best thing you decide to do today. 

Spearmint oil has been proven more effective than the US FDA-approved Minoxidil oil. According to a study published in Toxicology Research, spearmint oil used on mice showed better results than any other natural oil. The mice were rubbed with spearmint oil and minoxidil oil, and the ones who had spearmint ended up with better hair.

Spearmint oil increases blood flow to hair follicles

The prime ingredient of spearmint oil, menthol, is known for increasing blood flow to hair follicles. The trick is to apply the oil directly on the scalp skin for the best effect. Several studies have hinted that a menthol solution can dilate blood vessels and cause blood flow to increase towards hair follicles. 

Ultimately, this effect of spearmint oil helps follicles grow more robust. Additionally, your hair also grows faster, thanks to the effect of menthol. If you are suffering from hair loss, there is a big chance that the reason is a reduced blood flow to the scalp and hair follicles. Spearmint oil is the best solution to counter the problem. It is readily available and is a remedy to all your hair problems. 

Spearmint oil extends the hair fall cycle

When the menthol in spearmint oil dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow to the hair follicles, it simultaneously disrupts the hair fall cycle. The added blood flow to the roots of the hair ensures that they are held in tightly, ultimately decreasing hair loss. 

With regular application to the scalp, the follicles stand stronger, prevent hair fall, and extend the hair fall cycle. If you are facing the problem of patchy hair, with hair falling out from certain patches, you can use spearmint oil to reduce the problem and get stronger and thicker hair. Spearmint oil strengthens the roots, giving your hair a generous body and making it look lush and dense. It would benefit you greatly, especially if you have curly hair. 

Spearmint oil is antifungal and antibacterial

One of the most important properties of spearmint oil is its antifungal and antibacterial nature. Menthol has antiseptic properties, which give spearmint oil the ability to be a germ killer. These properties are helpful against dandruff growth or other scalp hair impediments. 

The antibacterial nature of spearmint oil helps it keep the scalp healthy. Any issues with the skin on the scalp can be countered using spearmint oil. Redness, itching, or dryness of the scalp can be nullified using spearmint oil. A healthy scalp leads to healthier hair, and regularly applying the oil would only do wonders for your hair. 

Spearmint oil blends seamlessly with your hair routine

You must have realized by now that having a hair care routine is integral to keeping a head full of hair. If you do not have one, there is no time like the present to kick off the proceedings. However, the specialty of spearmint oil lies in its ability to merge with any routine with ease. 

You can mix a couple of drops of spearmint oil in a tablespoon of your traditional essential oil and massage it directly on your scalp. You will feel a cool, minty sensation in your hair. You can mix spearmint oil in any household oil like coconut or jojoba. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes, and then wash it off with shampoo and conditioner. Doing this routine twice a week is enough to keep your hair strong. 

You can throw in a dash, i.e., a few drops of spearmint oil, in your shampoo as well. Make sure that the main cosmetic product does not become all minty. The menthol in the essential oils will give you a soothing and calming effect as they nourish your scalp. 

How long does spearmint oil take to grow hair?

There has been a significant amount of research around the effects of spearmint oil on hair. As we mentioned above, there was a famous study involving mice recently, and it was published in Toxicology Research. It concluded that spearmint oil took effect on mice hair after two weeks of regular use. Within four weeks of using spearmint oil, the mice visibly showed hair growth. 

The essential oils derived from spearmint and peppermint plants are heavily concentrated and should be used in very little amounts on the scalp skin. Approximately 200 pounds of spearmint is used to create one pound of spearmint oil. Also, using the oil regularly pays off in about a month, where you would be able to see results clearly. 

Is castor oil better than spearmint oil for hair care?

castor oil

Some people use castor oil for hair growth. There have been many anecdotal claims that using castor oil can make your hair grow by 3-5 cm every month, while the average increase is approximately 1 cm every month. However, there has been no peer-reviewed study into this matter. Castor oil also has antiviral properties, quite like spearmint oil. 

Castor oil is used to treat alopecia, a condition in which the person has clear bald patches on their head. Castor oil is said to have properties that can reverse hair loss. However, there is no evidence of these events other than anecdotal notations.

On the other hand, spearmint oil has been known to have all the properties mentioned above via scientific research. The menthol present in spearmint oil is absent in castor oil, and therefore there is no soothing feeling after applying castor oil to your scalp. 

Spearmint oil is the incredible solution to all your hair woes today. Moreover, spearmint oil can blend in with your hair routine easily without any fuss. Castor oil needs its own particular routine and cannot hope to match spearmint oil in this category. On the contrary, using castor oil feels like taking a dose of a medicine.

Lastly, castor oil is known to bring about the considerable hair growth in alopecia patients. These people have clear bald patches, and castor oil enables hair to grow there. Spearmint oil has an entirely different purpose – it increases the growth rate and decreases the hair fall rate. 


Spearmint oil is the new hip method of keeping a hold on your hair. Its primary functions include ensuring that you keep your hair on your head by generating a fantastic growth rate. The oil is armed with menthol, a condiment that can effectively make your days “chill.” The soothing and calming experience from the menthol is unmatched and unparalleled. 

The oil is also one of the few evidence-backed solutions to all sorts of hair problems. It aids in hair growth and proactively decreases hair fall by nourishing the roots and follicles. Spearmint oil can also blend in with your hair routine easily. In fact, the cool, fresh, minty atmosphere that spearmint oil creates on your scalp is simply a feeling out of this world. It has the ability to make your hair denser, thicker, and glossier in a relatively short period of use. So, for all your hair woes, you can effectively hunt for the best spearmint oil there is. 

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