Samurai Haircut For Black People

Samurai Haircut

Afro hair has always been a warm host for trying new hairstyles. One such haircut that suits African American hair more than anyone is the samurai haircut. This haircut has had its fair share of remixes, and now it has evolved into a wholly modern and hipster look profile. Samurai haircut has constantly changed and evolved throughout the time, and the style currently holds control over a diverse population. This hairstyle will surely spice up your appearance by making you look fashionable and on-trend. Even with the tremendous changes from its original look, this hairstyle stuns everyone by showing its distinctiveness. Our article will thus guide you from understanding the samurai haircut to achieving and wearing it with confidence. Do not miss out on the essential FAQs that will help clear your doubts regarding this hairstyle.

The history of samurai haircut

This classic samurai haircut dates back to the early 794 A.D. This Japanese hairstyle was considered as a signature look of all the noble class warriors. The samurai hairstyle, also known as Chonmage, held a very positive and honorable position in Japanese society. Every samurai from that era had this hairstyle as a part of the tradition. Apart from the practice, this hairstyle also helped warriors keep their hair away from their faces. The hairstyle was completely sturdy and possessed zero chances of impeding the eyesight during important sword fights. The samurai cut had a massive impact on Japanese culture, which later translated into Sumo wrestling. Even Sumo wrestlers started wearing their hair on top before their matches. The last reason for the influence and popularity of this hairstyle was its low maintenance, comfort, and ease of maneuvering during the practice and actual battles. 

Later this ancient and unique hairstyle started cropping up in the early 2000s, where people and celebrities began exploring this new cut. Soon the same haircut set off hundreds of modern variations like a top knot or a man bun. This hairstyle category has been popular for the past decade and remains a novelty hairstyle even today. 

Man Bun Hairstyle for Black Men

Celebrities that donned this haircut

Samurai haircuts have been exclusively popular in the glitzy lives of celebrities for many years. You will find stars like Leonardo Dicaprio, Jared Leto, and Bradley Cooper sporting this hairstyle during the first wave of the samurai fever. Even Chris Hemsworth sported this magnificent hairstyle for quite a while. The resurgence of this look came with a more inclusive fan base. Many African American celebrities started wearing this hairstyle with their twists. Jason Derulo showed his fans how to style afro curls with a top-knot hairdo. The popularity of this hairstyle created momentum, and suddenly all black men started donning this sophisticated yet hipster hairstyle. Future’s loose dreadlocks with a messy hair bun updo took this samurai haircut on another level. It is safe to say that buns bring out a more dimensional look to the afro hair. We can genuinely admire and thank these trendsetters for shedding light on this structural and out-there hairstyle.

A step-by-step guide on how do you get samurai hair? 

Getting a samurai haircut can be straightforward, but getting the same on African hair can be different. The main issue is the shrinkage of the afro; therefore, to get a full-fledged samurai haircut, you need to have long hair. You cannot achieve this haircut if your hair length doesn’t allow you to tie a decent knot. Therefore a medium to long hair length is highly optimal.

1. Gathering the supplies

To get the cleanest samurai haircut, you will need the following supplies to get started:

  • Cleansing shampoo
  • Moisturizing conditioner
  • Curl enhancer/ mousse/ styling clay/ leave-in conditioner
  • Pick/ brush
  • Hair tie
  • Clippers and blades
  • Heavy hold setting spray

2. Preparing the hair

Black men should never skip this step as their hair is naturally dry and highly susceptible to frizz. You need to prepare and nourish your hair before getting to the bun.

Step 1: Consider shampooing the hair a few hours before your haircut and hairdo. We highly recommend using a sulfate-free shampoo for your curly hair. Do not forget to condition your hair as you ideally want a lot of moisture into the hair.

Step 2: Take a generous dollop of curl-enhancing cream and massage it through your hair. Avoid over saturating your hair as it won’t help during the cutting process.

Step 3: If your hair looks already shiny and manageable, you can skip the curl cream for the time being. A leave-in conditioner can also work instead of a curl-enhancing cream. You should scrunch the hair to create a nice well-defined look.

Step 4: Brush your hair with a wide-toothed comb or use a pick to loosen the tangles.

3. Haircut and styling

Haircut and styling is the most crucial step in achieving a perfect samurai haircut that you’ve been dreaming about.

Step 1: Start separating the crown section of the hair and roughly tie it to get access to the sides. Once the crown section is neatly secured, pay attention to the sides and back.

Step 2: Avoid using a scissor and go for a clipper. You have the freedom to either choose an undercut or a proper skin fade. After your undercut, your hair should look long at the top and short at the back and sides. The side and back cut adds extra focus to your crown hair that is tied in a bun. Don’t forget to line the hairline to create a more polished look.

Step 3: You can opt for a blowdry for additional volume. Blowdrying the hair straight will also help you style your bun in a more tidy manner. The intensity of the drying depends on your hair type and thickness. Doing this also reveals the original shrinkage length of your crown area.

Step 4: Take a tiny quantity of hair mousse and warm it between your palms. Apply the pomade to your head, paying extra attention to the long hair. You can also use various serums or oils to add extra shine to the hair.

Step 4: Start brushing the hair back without breaking or tugging hair. You can use a natural bristled brush to smooth out any kinks and knots. After brushing them, hold the hair in a poly tail position and get ready to tie an artistic knot.

Step 5: Curve the hair in a circular motion until it looks like a bun. At this point, you can try various bun shapes according to your choice. A classic circle bun requires circling the hair and tying the entire bun with an elastic hairband. You can also weave your hair tie through the ponytail and release half an inch for a more messy or disheveled look.

Step 6: Take the help of additional hair-settling products to smoothen out the rest of the hair while fixing the flyaways. A stronghold hairspray can be a good option if you want to set your hairstyle for the rest of the day. You can play with your fade and add different lines, cuts, and slits to create a more hipster look.

Taking care of your samurai haircut

Your challenge of having a samurai haircut doesn’t end after you grow out your hair. You will need to make constant efforts to maintain your hair and haircut alike. The following tips can indeed come in handy.

  • Keep your scalp clean and heavily moisturized. Having healthy locks and scalp will surely improve your overall haircut.
  • Don’t overdo your shampoo regime, as overwashing can often lead to brittle and dry hair. It also promotes split ends. Therefore clean your hair a maximum of thrice a week.
  • You can also opt for dry shampoos for oily scalp or bad hair days.
  • Avoid tying your bun too tightly. Tying it extremely tight can result in weaker hair roots, hair loss, and a recessed hairline. 
  • Go to your hairdresser for side and back fade touchups. Your hairstyle will lose its novelty if the sides grow out. Thus constantly buzzing them will give you that dramatic effect.

Will a samurai haircut suit you?

Samurai Haircut 1

It is a common fear to overthink whether a particular hairstyle will suit us or not. A samurai hairstyle is not a forgiving hairstyle, so you have to make sure that the style fits your face structure and jawline. A samurai haircut mostly suits people who have oval, square, and triangle face shapes.

Oval shape:  A man bun will look good on men with oval face shapes. You can also try a whole bun look to create an angular profile, thus accentuating your features.

Triangle shape: Since a triangle structure is exceptionally sharp, you can opt for a high bun or classic samurai knot at the top of the head. These types of buns even out the sharp angles while adding extra volume to your face.

Square shapes: Square-shaped faces should opt for an undercut with a messy top knot to create a more circular or fuller face. Samurai hairstyles look excellent on men with a square face and a distinctive jawline.

Ideas for samurai hair on black men

Classic bun with a taper fade

A fully tapered undercut adds a very distinct modern look to the afro-textured hair. When the bun sits on the crown area, this tapered fade makes the hairstyle look more defined. The bun becomes the focal point of the entire hairstyle.

Samurai bun with dreadlocks

Getting dreadlocks and then tying them into a hair bun will surely make you stand out from the crowd. This hairstyle might take a lot longer to process because of the dreadlocks, but the result will always stun people. This hairstyle truly adds dimension to your entire face.

Braided bun

It is a fact that braids look exceptional on black men. But it’s high time to add a little style to these traditional braids. A braided bun can look highly sleek, professional, and fashionable all at the same time. This style is excellent for men who are in the sports field. The entire hairstyle is extraordinarily secure and requires very little maintenance.

Quick laid back samurai hairstyle

This samurai hairstyle is for men who do not wish to commit to a proper crown bun. The hairstyle gives you the freedom of choosing the point where you want to tie your bun. This laid-back style requires no setting sprays, pomades, or gels. 

Cornrows samurai

Similar to braids, a cornrow hairstyle with a crown bun can look highly sleek and exquisite. This hairstyle is again a perfect solution for men who do not like tending their hair. Apart from its looks, this hairstyle feels very secure, and you won’t need to visit your hairdresser that often.

How long does it take to grow hair for this hairstyle?

Since a man bun requires a considerably longer hair length, it can take approximately 6-8 months to grow an ideal size. You can increase the pace of your hair growth by consuming a proper and nutritious diet. Mostly the speed of hair growth highly depends on the genes, too, so the rate at which each one’s hair grows can highly vary. However, it is safe to say that you will have to wait for a few months to achieve this stylish samurai look.

Do girls like man buns?

Liking man buns is completely subjective thus highly varies from person to person. Most girls are fine with the man buns, while a few find this hairstyle not that attractive. However, girls often interpret man buns as quite masculine and manly. A few women feel that they will not actively search for a man purely based on this hairstyle. But the most important and positive factor that most girls will agree on is the convenience of sharing hair ties!


Now that you possess a relatively clear idea of styling a man bun and maintaining it, nothing shall come in the way of your naturally beautiful samurai hairstyle. We highly recommend men get out of their comfort zone and try a hairstyle that will boost their confidence. Lastly, don’t forget to take care of the hair by regularly cleaning and moisturizing it.

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