The Bulldog Skincare Review

Bulldog Skincare Review

Bulldogs skincare founder Simon Duffy noticed that there were no straightforward skincare options that were made for him.

Although there were products that he used, there weren’t any products that he loved. 

Therefore in 2005, the Bulldog skincare range came to life and is a skincare regime specifically developed for men with all skin types. So irrespective of whether you have normal, sensitive, oily, or mature skin, this skincare regime will work for you. 

Let’s take a look at the Bulldog skincare range, as we explain the benefits of investing in it.

Most popular products in the Bulldog Skincare range

Oil control facewash

oil control face wash

If you’re looking for an oil control face wash that you can use safely and on a daily basis, then this is the one. Consisting of juniper berries and witch hazel, it provides an antibacterial and astringent face wash that is suitable for regular use.

Simply lather and wash away the grime and dirt built-up on your skin’s surface and control the oil production at the same time. The willow bark will leave the skin soft and smooth. Your skin will feel beautifully refreshed and deeply cleansed.

And since it is suitable for daily use, it won’t damage the skin or overstimulate it from the cleaning process.

Oil control face scrub

oil control face scrub

The Bulldog oil control face club contains antibacterial and mattifying juniper berries, willow bark, witch hazel, and added charcoal, which makes for an exfoliating beauty regime that you can use several times a week.

To eliminate impurities and blemishes and refine the skin, it contains the added charcoal. It also balances out unnecessary oils thanks to the astringent effects of the other ingredients.

When it comes to tone and mattifying the face, it works wonders and allows the skin to breathe and grow underneath. Therefore your skin will be left visibly more radiant and ready for the protective moisturizer.

Oil control face mask

Bulldog Oil Control Face Mask

When it comes to balancing and mattifying your skin, the mask works wonders. This is because it’s infused with natural ingredients such as juniper berries, witch hazel, and willow bark, as well as oil controlling botanical and natural ingredients.

There are 3 natural clays also mixed into this solution. These clays are Cornish, Kaolin, and Volcanus, which penetrate deep into the skin to absorb and extract large levels of oil. Another benefit of the face mask is that it reduces pore size and leaves the skin smoother. Your skin will be more balanced and soft to the touch.

Follow this treatment with a moisturizer to prevent the skin from drying out and lock in more moisture. Use on a regular basis, your pore size will be reduced, and you will also have a healthier complexion.

Oil control moisturizer

Containing Bulldog’s signature ingredients, which are juniper berries, willow bark, and witch hazel, this oil control moisturizer is lightweight and fast-absorbing.

These three ingredients provide the skin with amazing benefits and also have the ability to treat acne-prone skin and provide antibacterial and would healing coverage. The willow bark natural astringent leaves the skin smooth skin and protected while allowing for better water retention.

Oil control is also covered throughout each extract, so your skin is left feeling matte. The formula is also lightly hydrated, so your skin is more supple and healthier looking.

Bulldog handcream


When it comes to taking care of your body, Bulldog has you covered.

The Bulldog handcream contains extracts of aloe vera, green tea leaf as well as Camelina oil, which all help to purify the skin and contain regenerative properties for your skin.

Soothe and refresh your hands with this fast-working handcream, which is nongreasy as well. The fast-acting and fast-absorbing solution nourishes your skin for up to 24 hours. So say goodbye to chapped, dry and irritated skin when you are using the bulldog handcream to hydrate and lock in moisture.

Lip balm

The bulldog lip balm should be used on the lips to provide locked-in or sealed moisture. The special formula contains ingredients like castor oil, mint, candelilla wax to soothe and calm dry and cracked lips.

It is a brilliant and efficient lip balm by locking in moisture thanks to the extracts of green tea and aloe vera, which purify, heal, and rejuvenate the skin on the lips. So for super hydration and added moisturization, opt for Bulldogs lip balm.

Products for sensitive skin

sensitive skin set

Bulldog prides itself in catering to men with various skin types; therefore, they also have a skincare range for sensitive skin.

This range includes ingredients such as baobab oil, which is an African botanical oil taken from a succulent plant that’s full of essential fatty acids and vitamins.

It’s then combined with oat oils, light hydration, and willow herb, and ultimately this results in the Bulldog moisturizer, which doesn’t go on sticky or greasy. It’s fragrance-free, which also helps to minimize irritation of the skin.

One of the most popular products in the skincare range is the Foaming sensitive shave gel.

It provides a smooth and super close shave as it is powered by air. It also allows for a clean and smooth shave each time due to the patented formula.

The lathering gel goes on the rich and is suitable for sensitive skin providing support and relief for irritated skin. If your skin is prone to the effects of harsher ingredients, then this is the one for you. The heat, itchiness, as well as stinging sensations, will be drastically reduced after using this shave gel.

Other products in the sensitive skincare range include the sensitive skin-friendly moisturizer, face wash, aftershave balm, and face scrub that offers gentle cleansing.

Features of the Bulldog skincare range

bulldog awards

The most popular features of the Bulldog skincare range is that it contains all-natural ingredients such as witch hazel, juniper berries, willow bark, and a range of other natural ingredients that are all cruelty-free.

These ingredients help to give the skin a magnifying complexion and improve the texture and balance of the skin as well. It is also clinically proven to control shine.


  • You can feel the witch hazel as you apply the products on your skin, and it also has a pleasant smell
  • The products are fast absorbing and soak easily into the skin even if applied liberally
  • Considering the benefits of this all-natural skincare range, the price is quite reasonable, and the products are available in 100ml tubes.


  • While there are very few disadvantages when it comes to the Bulldog skincare range, it doesn’t last quite as long as others in the market. However, this drawback is combated thanks to the low price of the skincare range.
  • Additionally, the smell of the witch hazel may give the products a bit of a medical smell that may or may not appeal to all men.

What’s in the box?

original bulldog skincare set

The original Bulldog standard skincare range consists of the Bulldog oil control facewash, original face scrub, lip balm, and protective moisturizer. 

The bulldog skincare range provides a variety of skincare products, which are divided into six different kinds based on skin type, which is original, oil control, sensitive, mature, protective, and energizing. The skincare range provides shaving products and beard care products too. A few of the key products in the range include the original face wash, oil control facemask and the original face scrub.

The original face wash is non-drying and is formulated to cleanse the skin, leaving it feeling fresh. It’s a mild formula that lathers into a creamy foam and is suitable for people with normal skin.

The original face scrub is formulated to remove dead skin cells and leave the skin feeling smooth and deeply cleansed. It is recommended for those with normal skin as well.

The Bulldog skincare oil control facemask is a mattifying mask that is created to help minimize excess oil and leave the skin soft and smooth. When applied and left on for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing off, it will reveal youthful-looking skin underneath. It is recommended that you only use the mask once a week. 

What makes the Bulldog skincare range unique?

unique moisturizer

One of the first things that stands out about the skincare range is that it is purposefully created for men.

So it’s not just a man’s version of what was initially a women’s brand, which is what you could say for the competitors. 

The products all really work well together and contain a superior performance, and this is one of the biggest differentiators with Bulldog skincare for men. Not only do these products get the job done, but they do so using natural ingredients that are highly motivated by performance and results. 

When it comes to the aesthetics of the product, you’ll notice that the packaging is white, while other competitors usually market men’s skincare products in blacks, blues, and greys. The language on the packaging is also straightforward and simple compared to the jargon contained by the skincare competitors.

Why should you choose Bulldog over other skincare competitors?

While the answer to this question is probably changing all the time, at the moment, ethics are far more important than it’s ever been.

One of the fastest-growing lifestyle movements is Veganism.

Therefore, more and more people are seeking a holistic and natural approach to grooming than ever before. This is true with both men and women. Additionally, both men and women are seeking products made with natural ingredients that have efficacy and are cruelty-free. 

One of Bulldog’s signature products, the original bamboo razor, drives sustainability. The tubes are made from sugarcane plastic, and you’ll see these products in US stores all over the country. It’s a renewable resource and is grown responsibly in Brazil with a minimum impact on food supplies. 

So considering that Bulldog meets all of the above requirements and criteria, it is one of the most natural and cruelty-free skincare products on the line for men today.

Final thoughts

The Bulldogs skincare range for men is one of the most innovative product lines on the market for the modern man.

Compared to competitors, the Bulldog range is made from all-natural ingredients that are cruelty-free.

So if you’re looking for products that make use of mother nature’s ingredients and still manage to deliver the type of results you’re looking for, then the Bulldog skincare range is for you. 

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