Brio Beardscape Review: All You Need To Know

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Beards are back, and it’s a trend I’m really enjoying. But, maintaining a fashionable beard isn’t as easy as it might seem. Keeping it neat and trimmed is a time-consuming endeavor. 

When I learned about a trimmer that makes beard maintenance easier, I knew I had to try it and share my experience in this Brio Beardscape review. 

Things To Consider Before Buying A Beard Trimmer

If you’re someone who occasionally likes to grow a beard, then you can probably get away with trimming with scissors. But if you’re someone who loves the beard trend and regularly wears a beard, then you need a beard trimmer. 

Not only can a beard trimmer save you time in the mornings, but it can also make it easier to try out different styles with ease. You can trade-in your lengthy lumberjack beard for a stylish goatee with ease as long as you have the right tool.

Before you rush out and buy the first beard trimmer you see, there are some things to consider. 

  • Versatility: Do you plan on using the trimmer on other parts of your body
  • Wet or Dry Trimming: Do you like to shave in the shower? If so, look for a trimmer that can handle both wet and dry trimming.
  • Quality and Price: Having a limited budget doesn’t mean you need a cheap quality trimmer. Invest in quality. It’s worth it, long term.

A Closer Look At The Brio Beardscape Beard And Hair Trimmer

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Advertised as one of the quietest trimmers with ceramic blades that are the sharpest on the market today, the Brio Beardscape is making waves with fans of beard trimmers everywhere. 

It comes with four reversible clipper heads that are paired by length: 1mm and 2mm, 3mm and 6mm, 9mm and 12mm, and 15mm and 18mm. Also included in the package are a cleaning brush, USB plug and cord, travel case, and lubricating oil. 

At a moderate price point, the Brio Beardscape is perfect for men who want a high-quality trimmer without breaking the bank. It is also available at the Amazon United Kingdom.


  • The ceramic blade is four times harder and is also sharper than stainless steel. 
  • It is quiet in comparison to other electric trimmers.
  • It has a long battery life.
  • It is compact.


  • Its price may put it out of range for some who might otherwise buy it.
  • The reversible guards can be confusing and hard to attach properly.
  • It cannot be used in the shower. 
  • It does not have a travel lock and may turn on in your suitcase, running down the battery.

Features And Benefits

Out of the box, the Brio beardscape beard trimmer has some impressive features besides the accessory package.  

Onboard Length Adjustment

The Brio Beardscape has a built-in trimming length guides, allowing you to adjust the trimming length anywhere from 1mm to 1.9mm at intervals of 0.3mm. You can change the length with a micro-adjust lever and then lock it in with a lever lock button. 


You can also adjust the speed anywhere between 5000 and 7000 RPM at 500 RPM increments to suit the thickness of your beard. 

LED DIsplay

The user-friendly LED display is big and bright, showing you how much time your battery has left.

If you tend to put your beard trimmer through its paces, it also has a load indicator showing you when you may need to give your trimmer a break. 

The five LEDs (three white and two red) light up according to the load state it’s in. When you see red LEDs light up, the trimmer is probably clogged or in need of oil. 

Ceramic Blade And Titanium Rake

Ceramic blades of any kind are harder than stainless steel. But did you know they also have less friction? That means less irritation for your skin and noise for your ears. It’s the thing I love the most about the Brio Beardscape. 

It also makes the trimmer quieter, but only at the slower speeds. It’s still pretty loud at higher RPMs, but that’s to be expected. 

Battery Life

Tired of your beard trimmer running out of juice before you finish? The Brio shaver comes with a high-capacity lithium-ion battery. One charge lasts four hours! Plus, you can fully charge it in only three hours. 


Need to trim hair besides your beard? Then you need the Brio Beardscape. Thanks to the long battery life and onboard adjustable trimmer, doing some manscaping is easy. 

Easy To Clean

Cleaning trimmers is a pain, but if you don’t clean them regularly, they won’t last very long. Thanks to a head that’s easy to remove, cleaning the Brio Beardscape is a snap. 

Note that you can rinse the detachable combs underwater, but not the device itself. You must use the cleaning brush and oil on the built-in blade. Otherwise, it might not work the next time you use it. 

High-Quality Build

This device is sturdy yet sleek, and it looks and feels like a high-quality trimmer. Brio didn’t skimp on the materials they used to make the Beardscape shaver, and it shows. 


Did your Brio Beardscape stop working? No problem! You can send it back to Brio, and they will replace it at no cost as long as it’s within the two-year warranty period. 

Note that it is a limited warranty. Brio will not replace the trimmer if you drop it or didn’t maintain it according to the specifications. 

Do Other People Like It?

I know I like the Brio Beardscape, but what about other people? Everyone has different needs when it comes to beard maintenance, so I took around the Internet for other user experiences. What I found on Amazon and the Brio website were extremely positive reviews. 

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How Does It Stack Up Against the Competition?

If you’re looking for alternatives to the Brio Beardscape, there are a few to compare it to. 

Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000

In comparison to the Brio trimmer, the Multigroom Series 7000 comes with a wider array of removable trimming guards for more versatility (23 to be exact). It has the standard steel blades, but they are self-sharpening. 

It is also waterproof, so if you’re someone who prefers trimming in the shower or cleaning the trimmer with water, this is for you. The battery life is also a little longer at 5 hours. 

In terms of price, it is less expensive. So if you have a tight budget, this is a good alternative.

Philips Norelco 7000Brio Beardscape
– Stainless steel blades
– Waterproof
– 5-hour battery life
– Ceramic blades
– Dry shaving only
– 4-hour battery life

Check out the Philips Norelco Multigroom Series 7000

Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion+ Beard Trimmer 

Like the Multigroom Series 7000, the Wahl Beard Trimmer has stainless steel blades. 

There are four attachments made for close trimming: t-blade, detail shaver, rotary trimmer, and a detail trimmer. Plus, it comes with 12 detachable guards in varying lengths. The four trimmers make this an excellent choice for precision beard shaping and design. 

As with the Brio Beardscape, the Wahl is not waterproof, and you should not expose it to moisture of any kind. You can wash the detachable parts in water, however.   

It is also less expensive, but not a huge price difference if cost is a factor in your buying decision. 

Wahl Stainless SteelBrio Beardscape
– Stainless steel blades
– Dry shaving only
– 4-hour battery life
– Detailed trimmer attachments
– Ceramic blades
– Dry shaving only
– 4-hour battery life
– Only detachable guards

Check out the Wahl Stainless Steel Lithium Ion+

Panasonic Body and Beard Trimmer ER-GB80S

As you might have guessed, the Panasonic Body and Beard Trimmer also has stainless steel blades. It only comes with three comb attachments, but the trimmer itself has 39 settings plus a slide-up trimmer for sideburns. 

You can use the Panasonic as a corded or cordless trimmer but know that the battery life is only about 50 minutes if you don’t use it while plugged into an outlet. 

In terms of price, it is the same as the Wahl, making it more expensive than the Philips but less expensive than the Brio.

Panasonic Trimmer ER-GB80-SBrio Beardscape
– Stainless steel blades
– Can be used in the shower
– 50-minute battery life
– 39 trimmer settings and 3 guards
– Ceramic blades
– Dry shaving only
– 4-hour battery life
– 4 guards but less trimmer settings

Check out the Panasonic Body and Beard Trimmer

Final Thoughts

The Brio Beardscape makes maintaining my beard a breeze. I really am impressed with the super-sharp ceramic blades because they make trimming my rather thick beard much faster. 

When it comes to shaving close to my skin, the ceramic blades do cause less irritation and friction than stainless steel. I also like the fact that it’s easy to clean, so I don’t have to spend a lot of time maintaining it. Given proper maintenance extends the life of trimmers, that means I don’t have to worry about buying another one for a long time.

I hope that this Brio Beardscape review has given you all the information you need to make a buying decision you can count on. If you’re ready to buy it or want to check it out for yourself, you can find the Brio Beardscape here.

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