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My name is Sogo and I created Dapper Mane out of a desire to understand a basic part of my everyday life. Looking good and dressing well has always been an interest of mine. I enjoy doing research and discovering new insights on topics that I find intriguing. Men’s grooming is one of those topics.

Growing up, I can still remember the smell of the pomade in the local barbershop. There was always a look of pride on the faces of the groomed gentlemen who walked out feeling confident, respected and let’s face it, down-right handsome. I created Dapper Mane to give all black men that feeling. I believe your style says a lot about who you are and when you look good, you feel good and you will transmit that to your family, friends and the greater community.

While I certainly don’t want to pass myself off as an expert (I’m here to learn too!), I am excited to share my findings with black men around the world. That’s where this blog comes in. I hope you find the content engaging and the recommendations helpful. Feel free to comment and share!

Our Goal

Dapper Mane is an online digital resource for black men to discover grooming tips, tricks, and techniques.

We dedicate ourselves to extensive research and education-backed content to provide a better experience for black men looking to tackle the daily grind of grooming, hair care, skincare, and beard grooming.

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about daily grooming techniques and habits, as well as information content revolving around grooming issues that black men specifically face more than others.

Dapper Mane strives to be your one-stop shop to assist with everything you need to keep yourself perfectly prim and devilishly debonair at all times.

How We Create Content

We set out on this journey of discovery to understand the world of grooming – to help other black men look and feel their best! We aren’t driven by profit, and none of our recommendations is fueled by advertising partnerships. We happen to truly believe in what we promote. We also don’t fill our content with unreliable findings.

Everything on this site has been approved by me. While I do draw on a talented pool of freelancers to ensure we can offer you the best information out there, I have the final say as both the editor and owner of this blog. We hope that you find the information shared here particularly useful in your day-to-day life.

What’s In It For You?

For us, it was always going to be about more than merely grooming products. We feel a sense of urgency to support the black men for which this blog was created. Yes, we cover the basics – those products that are missing from your daily arsenal – but we also speak to your style, class and sophisticated swag that is inherently yours. We are harnessing the power of individuality, heritage and knowledge to bring innovative solutions to the black man’s style while inviting you to take part in a global conversation about who you are, what you need and what you deserve.

Our team


Sogo Adeleke

Sogo Adeleke is the founder and chief of DapperMane.com. Someone who has spent his life close to fashion development in the world of fashion, Adeleke did not have to think twice before starting this website. His passion was always to create a space where members of the Black community could talk about fashion and generate cultural amalgamation. Sogo was infuriated by the lack of insights and recommendations on Black men’s fashion during his childhood and adolescence. He had to trial and error different outfits to see what worked for him. And getting a ready-made idea that would look good on him and his peers was quite challenging. Sogo wanted to make things right for the upcoming generation, and DapperMane.com was the solution he found. He wants DapperMane.com to become a centralized destination for fashion tips, compilations, suggestions, and recommendations for Black men who are into fashion. He also has a few plans to expand the horizons by introducing a lineup of apparel designed and optimized for members of the Black community.

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Marques Kelley

Marques Kelley works as the lead researcher and product reviewer at DapperMane.com. Quite passionate about fashion and the growth of the Black community, Marques has been at the forefront of finding and suggesting the best styles and combinations for the members of the Black community. One of the methods he follows is to research and review new products that hit the market. He also goes through several fashion styles and examples before selecting something to recommend. Marques is also our go-to guy when we want to know about the latest updates in the Black fashion world. He takes the extra effort to make sure that the products and styles he recommends are up to the mark. Marques says that his elementary knowledge in design and creative development help him to imagine and recommend the best styles for Black men. For one, he is the one who spends too much time in front of the screen. Apart from styling and research, he is into hip-hop music and food.

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Liana Whitfield

Liana Whitfield handles the position of lead content manager at DapperMane.com, and she is passionate about content creation, fashion, and the Black community. Someone who closely follows the fashion trends across the world, Liana finds it easy to choose the best content that would find its place on the DapperMane.com homepage. Her knowledge about the Black community, Black men’s fashion, and the connections with some of the best designers in the world allow her to bring an authentic voice to our website. You can count on her sources when it comes to updates regarding the upcoming fashion styles and developments. By combining all these, Liana Whitfield does an exceptional job of keeping our homepage diverse, up-to-date, and reliable for the most part. She is also responsible for finding the right content contributors for DapperMane.com, and she has the knack for finding those who can write the best pieces about Black men’s fashion.

Join us. It’s our time.

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